The Wellfulness Project OUT NOW

Published March 2020 by Aster

Discover a wellness plan that's unique to you and your needs, and use it to create a healthy lifestyle that serves you holistically and forever.  Combining fascinating contemporary science with ancient eastern practices such as meditation and yoga, plus storytelling and journalling practices, The Wellfulness Project will guide you through  each area of your life from food and exercise, to space, ritual and routine, and even your mind.


Perfect for when life changes direction, setting up a healthy new routine working from home, and helping you to discover where you can make changes in your life, even if you're dealing with things you can't control. 

Filled with beautiful illustrations to soothe and inspire, and gentle guided meditations to listen to or follow again and again, The Wellfulness Project is a beautiful, big book that you'll return to again and again.


About Ali

Ali Roff Farrar is Wellness Director at Psychologies magazine, where she has interviewed world-renowned spiritual gurus, psychologists, doctors, and wise women and men including Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Byron Katie, Jon Kabat Zinn and Mastin Kipp.


It is her experience interviewing and working closely with these experts, as well as writing about mindfulness and psychology for over six years at Psychologies magazine, which lead her not only to explore deeper within herself in order to find greater wellness of body and mind, but also pursue her own studies in order to become an expert in mindfulness, yoga and psychology in her own right. 


She is passionate about combining western sciences of psychology, neuroscience and coaching with the Eastern philosophies of meditation, mindfulness and yoga, to cultivate true wellness of body and mind. In addition to the BSc hons degree she holds in Psychology, Ali is a qualified ‘200hr Yoga Alliance Certified’ teacher and will shortly qualify as a Mindfulness teacher and expert for both stress and chronic pain. 

Ali's work

Ali's book, The Wellfulness Project will be published on March 2020 by Aster. 


You can listen to her podcast 'Wellfulness' on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast, Deezer and other top podcast providers. She has also written a number of wellness columns for Psychologies magazine which she has received a growing public following from; 'Willpower' in 2017 and 'The Journey' in 2018,which shares her experiences of ‘Success Anxiety’ measuring life against society's, friends or family’s expectations. Her current column, 'The Mindful Health Club' takes readers on a year long journey towards greater authentic holistic wellbeing using mindfulness.

Ali is also co-founder of yoga and mindfulness retreat and brunch company ‘The Remedy Retreats’ with her husband James Farrar, which launched in 2018. Their exclusive retreats bring together her wealth of knowledge from western science and eastern wisdom to create a unique offering of yoga, mindfulness and coaching alongside nourishing food, movement and connection to create a safe, peaceful, nurturing and life changing experience.

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