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The Podcast

Shoulding on Ourselves: 

The Modern Girls Guide to Being Who You're meant to Be

This year, the 'Be Who You're Meant to Be' project that I launched with my sister Connie Roff took off, and with it, a new podcast: 'Shoulding on Ourselves: The Modern Girls Guide to Being Who You're meant to Be'. 

Each week, Connie and myself, both psychology graduates and yoga teachers, bring eastern philosophy together with western science to discuss the topics we struggle with as millennials from careers to relationships, and all things that we feel pressure around to create a 'successful life'.

We offer our own insights, stories and journeys - culminating in an authentic and well-needed dose of honest conversation, together with tools, studies and advice from our own experiences and academic and professional backgrounds to help every millennial create greater wellbeing, freedom and happiness. 

This is a conversation about how to love yourself more, define success on your own terms and be who you’re meant to be, do what you want to do, and redefine success to suit your own individual uniqueness.


If you want to love yourself more you can download our free 5-day ‘How to become a self-love warrior’ online course – each day you’ll have a practice, a tool or an idea to use in order to help you cultivate more self-love, just head to our website where you can also find out blog! Plus, come and follow us on Instagram, our handle is @aliandconnieroff – we’d love to see you there!

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