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Apply for 1:1 coaching with James and Ali

For those of you now working from home, we are too and can’t sit still. We want to mix it up, and spread some joy.


So, if anyone is feeling fed up, lethargic, bored or even anxious, we invite you to sign up for FREE 2 on 1 online coaching over Skype; with James on fitness and motivation, and Ali on Routine, space and mindfulness. 


It’ll be fun and you’ll be inspired - and so will we!

Together, we'll take 30 mins to chat about home workouts, relaxation, nutrition, confidence, happiness, using the concept of Wellfulness from Ali's new book The Wellfulness Project, to help you create a holistic and healthy routine which serves you and your goals during this uncertain time.


We are offering 1 FREE session per day - starting tomorrow. Please apply letting us know what time works for you!

Ali and James


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