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The key to losing weight that 90% of people overlook

What's the secret to losing weight? Ninety percent of us ignore this one element in achieving our health and fitness goals..

A national survey in America found that 90% of people ignore one of the most important elements of weight loss – our minds.*

Neuropsychologist Diane Robinson, PhD, explains the most crucial factor in successfully losing weight is our psychological relationship with food and exercise.

She says, "Most people focus almost entirely on the physical aspects of weight loss, like diet and exercise. But there is an emotional component to food that the vast majority of people simply overlook and it can quickly sabotage their efforts."

In another survey, 1,300 licensed psychologists said** that understanding and managing behaviours and emotions related to weight management was essential to losing weight and keeping it off, and that maintaining a regular exercise schedule and making proper food choices in general" is key to shedding pounds.

They said that motivational strategies, keeping behavioural records and goal-setting were key strategies for achieving weight loss, and keeping it off.

Almost all of us on a weight loss or fitness journey have been faced with temptation to eat junk food or to overeat, and to skip the gym or put it off until tomorrow. Could it be that just by utilising your mindset to it’s maximum capability that you could achieve your health and fitness body goals?

WillPower uses psychological research teamed with daily coaching to help you understand your mind when it comes to the excuses, temptations and limiting beliefs that cause you to break your healthy eating plans and skip exercise, tackling issues such as why we emotionally eat, cracking bad habits and breaking through mental barriers that cause you to give up.

Could your mind be holding you back from your best, healthiest body? Check out the programme here and get a 'Motivate Your Workout' digital coaching session for free here.

* &

***Conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center

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