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The secret to being super fit

What's the difference between the high achievers in the world of fitness, and those of us who don't quite stand out from the crowd?

A new study* looked at people who played sport together, and divided them into 'super champions', 'champions' and the endearingly named 'almosts'. They found that the difference between the champs and the 'almosts' boiled down to one thing: mindset.

They differed noticeably in three things:

1. Their internal drive and commitment ('almosts' did not display these traits)

2. Satisfaction in their training (champs were never satisfied)

3. Attitude to injury (the 'almosts' lost enthusiasm whereas the champs were more determined to bounce back)

The study proves that it is not what we are faced with that counts - the champs and the almosts played the same sport - but how we approach it, and what attitude we have toward it.

Want to give your mindset a readjustment and click it into the sweet spot that will make you work harder in your workout and feel good about working towards what you want by being the best version of yourself? I've created a free 'Motivate Your Workout' online coaching session - download it now for free here.

*Super Champions, Champions, and Almosts: Important Differences and Commonalities on the Rocky Road. Dave Collins, Áine MacNamara, and Neil McCarthy, Institute of Coaching and Performance, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

Gloucester Rugby Club, Gloucester, UK, Front. Psychol., 11 January 2016.

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