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My recommended workouts and food guides

Here are the food and fitness programmes I follow with great results...

Welcome to the WillPower Blog! If you are visiting from the 4 Week Transformation Course, Hello! Feel welcome to take a look around, get to know me better and discover more about my inspiration and my own journey, including cringe-worthy 'before' and inspiring 'after' pics of me! I practice what I preach and I'm still on my journey, continually learning and researching to bring you incredible tools to help you keep on track with your health and fitness goals! I know they work, because they worked or me! And if I can do it, you definitely can.

So, alongside my mindset coaching tools and psychological hacks, I follow and have followed in the past a few fitness programmes to help guide me to the exercises I should be doing and to keep my form on point. I change these every few months to keep my brain engaged and to keep shocking my body. Our minds and our muscles like change, so keep it diverse and keep it interesting!


Here are the fitness programmes I have used and recommend:

As a general rule, I have found that a mixture of sprints (15 seconds on FAST, 15-30 seconds off jogging or walking), HIIT plyometric workouts (see the workouts and The Body Coach's 20 minute workouts), alongside weight training, the key to toning up and feeling strong, works for me. Hatha yoga is also a really important part of my routine for stretching and de-stressing my mind and body.


I'd love to say I can eat whatever I want and just workout, but for my body (and I find for most people), if I eat junk I feel like junk and it shows in my body - from my your skin to my weight.

One thing I will make clear though, is that I don't believe in diets. And believe me, I've tried them all from cabbage and cayenne pepper soup to the Atkins diet. Ugh. At best they will work short term (while making you miserable, fixated on food and feeling totally deprived), but as soon as you stop, and believe me - no one can keep a diet like that up forever, you'll pile all the weight back on and more. At worst you'll damage your health long term.

Healthy eating for a healthy confident lean body is pretty simple. Eat clean, unprocessed, natural, makes from scratch foods. Eat as much as you like - it's virtually impossible to binge on delicious, nourishing foods like beautiful colourful soups, salads, stews and curries - make cooking exciting and adventurous, indulge in dark chocolate when you feel like it, and you'll never feel deprived again. What's incredible, is that when I do give in to junk food now, my body will realises how rubbish it makes me feel and I rarely desire it any more.

Lovely nourishing, unprocessed food guides:

  • The Hemsley's - my fellow columnists at Psychologies magazine no have two INCREDIBLE recipe books full of delicious stews ad curries to breads and treats including the best coconut chocolate bars in the world. You can even get free recipes on their website here.

  • I also love The Detox Kitchen Bible - they have food packages that they deliver to your door - but their recipe book is incredible too.

  • And I can't recommend enough Able and Cole. Fresh organic veg, fruit, meat and fish delivered straight to your home - we have the Medium Very Veggie Box delivered every week for £15.75 (my fiance eats A LOT) and we always have enough to make dinners and lunches for two for a week often with some left over. The added bonus? Having fresh veg delivered means we don't have to go to the supermarket often and so any naughty temptations are eliminated from the weekly shop! Plus we don't spend as much money!

Please send over any questions you have about my exercise and food regimes! A x

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