In today’s modern and information filled world, there are so many ideas, experts and studies out there, it’s often difficult to know which wellness practices are right for us – vegan or alcohol free? Yoga or HIIT? Hygge or forest bathing? Swedish death cleaning or the Konmari Method? In trying to create more wellness in our lives to combat the stresses on our to-do list, it’s all too easy to find ourselves with a to-do list around being healthy that’s impossible to finish, often contradictory, and ultimately inauthentic to who we are and what we need.

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This is Wellfulness, a podcast hosted by Ali Roff Farrar, Wellness Director at Psychologies Magazine, based on her book 'The Wellfulness Project'. Embark on journey of mindful awareness with Ali and her husband James Farrar, to help you create a more authentic relationship with wellness in your life, and find the practices and habits that suit your unique needs in head, heart and body.

"We’ll be bringing you interesting research, new ideas, expert advice, and expertise from our professional background, with Ali as Wellness Director at Psychologies Magazine and wellness author, and as a 200hr yoga alliance yoga teacher and mindfulness expert, and James as an actor and model, personal trainer and coach, and vegan chef on our wellness retreats, which we run in London.

In each episode, we’ll move around the five elements of holistic wellness – or, the ‘Wheel of Wellfulness’ as we like to call it – from food, to movement and body, to space, ritual and routine, and your mind; each time taking a look at a different subject, wellness practice, or idea, helping you apply mindful awareness to consider how this idea can serve you on a holistic level, and ultimately asking, ‘does this have a place in my life?’, to help you curate an authentic wellness plan, designed for you, by you."


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