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Meditation and Yoga

 "Ali has the magical quality of making you feel that you are truly the only person in the room and you really felt listened to and valued. She is an absolutely brilliant yoga teacher, I work in the Yoga industry and I can honestly say that she is one of the best teachers I have come across." - Annie, London

I offer 1 : 1 meditation and  yoga sessions in London and the South East. My meditations ar rooted in mindfulness and are designed to reduce stress and anxiety through increasing compassionate awareness in the mind and body. In yoga, I specialise in Vinyasa flow and Yin and restorative Yoga, to increase flexibility and strength, with particular focus on 'Karuna' compassionate flow, to integrate body and mind. I like to weave in yogic philosophy to asana practice, and am also available to teach students how to follow a yogic lifestyle such as yogic health practices such as jala-neti, to leading students on a yogic path, studying meditation and the eight limbs of yoga along the path to samadhi. 
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