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Body transformation results!

You. Guys. The results are in. I've just been on my hen weekend - the big goal/event I have been working towards using my WillPower fitness & health programme. Here I am at the Ocean Beach pool party with my sister (I'm on the right ). And I felt incredible. I don't have the 'perfect body' - who does! But that wasn't what I was working towards. What I was working towards, was a feeling; carefree body confidence.

And it felt great, I felt confident and I truly proud of the changes I had made for ME. The biggest thing I achieved? Being able to enjoy myself without my inner gremlin nagging at me, telling me I should have gone to the gym more or eaten less carbs. I felt free - free to have fun and not worry about covering up, or tactfully placing a hand over my belly. I felt like I had succeeded in the thing I set out to do. Having no regrets is an invaluable achievement .

And I've never experienced that before. I've always shuffled alongside the pool covered up in sarongs, feeling like the 'fat one'. For as long as I can remember, thoughts like "suck it in/you're so fat/why didn't you try harder/you've let yourself down again' have swirled around my head. In fact, I've never not thought about my body in a bikini. Until now. And it wasn't something I was expecting. Interestingly, I also didn't suddenly think 'Yeah check me out! I look amazing!". I just thought about the conversation I was having with my friends. How great the music was. I laughed. I thought about anything, everything, apart from my body. It was carefree bliss.

So, how did I do this? Well, I worked out and ate healthily. 'Yea. And...?' I hear you ask. Well, that was the easy part, The difficult part is in keeping it up long enough to see results. We face tiredness, temptation, excuses, boredom and laziness that lead us to eat unhealthily and skip workouts - the exact formula needed for disappointing (and often non- existent) results.

We all know what to do - eat healthy, nourishing non-processed food and get our hearts pumping and body moving in a daily workout - but how do we stop our minds from sabotaging our plans by tempting us to give in and give up?

It's simple actually. What part of us controls whether we give in to temptation? And makes up excuses? And decides to eat through boredom or give in to tiredness? Our minds. If we tell ourselves we are too tired to workout - it's our mind that decides to skip our evening run, not our legs. If we decide we deserve a doughnut after a long day, it's our mind that decides to reach for the sugary treat, not our hands.

Our minds are constantly trying to sabotage our healthy body goals in the interest of short term satisfaction and happiness.

The good news? You are more intelligent than your mind, and if you choose to take control of it and stop living on auto pilot, you can make it work for you rather than against you.

In the picture below on the left, I am over a stone heavier, yet I felt like I was constantly depriving myself, and I was forcing myself to work out almost every day. You can see how miserable I am - it was hard work. Not fun. And despite all my efforts, I was clearly slipping up somewhere - in a 'deserved' chocolate bar here, an excuse to slack off during my workout there.

Using the WillPower programme I began to change things, I started to question the way I thought about being healthy, and the goals I was working towards. I retrained my mindset to start to actually enjoy being healthy. I started to use feelings as motivation rather than meaningless figures.

I've lost my bloated, uncomfortable tummy. I've lost inches and defined my arms. I've reduced the cellulite on my thighs. My butt is more pert. Even my posture is better. My muscle mass has increased, my visceral fat has shrunk and my metabolic age has decreased. I'm healthier. More comfortable in my own skin. And 10x more confident.

Changing my mindset shifted something huge within me. For the first time, I saw healthy changes in my body. I felt happier while I was making these changes. And I don't know about you, but when I am happy doing something - I'm going to keep doing it, because I'm enjoying it.

That is the key to creating a healthy, confident, lean body. Finding enjoyment in the journey. And all there is to it, is a small change in mindset.

You can sign up to as many diet plans and fitness programmes as you like; if you don't stick to it, then you won't see results. By changing my mindset towards exercise and food, I stuck to my plans, stayed motivated, and achieved my goals easily, because the journey became enjoyable. Healthy food was no longer deprivation. Exercise was something to get excited about, not to dread.

It might sound crazy, but now I love working out. I get excited to go to the gym, or jump in the pool. I crave healthy food and enjoy cooking beautiful nourishing meals. I adore the feeling of being full but not bloated. I am in love with feeling healthy.

I haven't finished my journey yet - I need to find a new goal to work towards - a new feeling to motivate me and keep me focused. Keep checking in on my blog to follow my journey and hear about my new goal and unique motivation focus.

If you want to find out more about my revolutionary new WillPower health and fitness goals programme and how it can help you, click here.


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